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MNB - Hungarian National Bank - Official Daily Exchange Rates

ECB - European Central Bank

MARTA Catalogue - Illustrated Catalogue of Hungarian Manufacturers

Budapest Stock Exchange Pharmaceuticals Sector:
HUMET Trade, Research and Development Public Limited Company

Swanson Health Products - Dr. Laszlo Meszaros' Metal Shield - Humifulvate

Budapest Stock Exchange: Equities

World Federation of Exchanges


10 GOOG + 10 MSFT + 10 YHOO = ? HUMET (calculator)

BUX index 10751,23 point 2008. 10. 27. Daily Report

What price could Hungary pay for the dollar billions of the IMF?

BUX index 14577,46 point 2008. 10. 10. Daily Report

BUX index 15014,52 point 2008. 10. 09. Daily Report

BUX index 17464,02 point 2008. 09. 18. Daily Report

Hungary Forint firmest vs. USD in 11 yrs 2008.03.12.
(Zsákolják a forintot - új 11 éves csúcs a dollárral szemben!)

In agreement with the Government, the Monetary Council decided to abandon the flexible peg of the forint to the euro within a fluctuation band and to adopt a floating exchange rate regime, with effect from 26 February 2008.

Are the exchange rates of EMU candidate countries anchored by their expected euro locking rates?

The Hungarian National Bank will withdraw from circulation one and two Forint coins on 1 March 2008.

BUX records 30118,12 point all-time high.
2007. 07. 23. Daily Report

BUX records 30005,1 point all-time high. 2007. 07. 16. Daily Report

Hungary Forint firmest vs. USD in 10 yrs

BUX records 29441,8 point all-time high. 2007. 06. 26. Daily Report

BUX records 28604,9 point all-time high. 2007. 06. 25. Daily Report

BUX records 27002,49 point all-time high. 2007. 06. 01. Daily Report

BUX records 26089,93 point all-time high. 2007. 05. 07. Daily Report

BUX records 25828,78 point all-time high. 2007. 04. 20. Daily Report

Gold futures contracts on the Budapest Stock Exchange

Budapest bourse sets new records

BUX gains 1,000 points in greatest boom of five years

BUX soars to over 21,000 points...

Budapest Stock Exchange close to be the best performing stock exchange in the world

BUX index tests air above 18,000 points

BUX records 16,000 point all-time high

Budapest bourse turnover more than doubles yr/yr in January

Budapest bourse head sees IPO green-lighted early April

Oil futures to start in Budapest in 2005

Fair Calendar

Operetta Ship * Budapest

Hungarian National Gallery

Diana: a celebration - exhibition Budapest

Islam Monuments in Hungary

Museum of Fine Arts - Budapest

Budapest Spring Festival 2009 * March 20 - April 5. 2009.

Summer on Chain Bridge * June - August 2009.

International Air and Military Show at Kecsekmét 1-2. August 2009.

20. August 2009 * Debrecen * Flower Carnival

September 2009 * Budapest * International Wine Festival

Budapest Autumn Festival * October 2009.

Sausage Festival of Csaba - Békéscsaba October 2009.

IFE Foodapest International Food, Drink and Hospitality Exhibition November 2009.

The Cultural Capital of Europe - Pécs 2010

Budapest 2020 Olympic Games (Project)


On-duty homepage: Health care: Doctors on-duty, Pharmacies open, Ambulance stations, Newborn rescue services, Patient Transport. Social services, Veterinarians, Technical Rescue, Disaster management

112 - General aid

104 - Hungarian National Ambulance and Emergency Service

105 - Fire Service / Disaster Recovery (OKF)

107 or 112 - Police (ORFK)


Air Travel - The World's Airlines - Over 340 Airlines


Civil Aviation Authority

National Parks in Hungary

Settlements of Hungary (3149)

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Google Maps: Hungary

Hungarian Motorway Portal

Railway Guide - The World's Railways - Over 70 Railways

MÁV-START - Hungarian State Railways


VOLÁN Bus Timetable

MAHART PassNave Ltd.

European Health Insurance Card

Visa Service - Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Hungary, Embassies and Consulates, Cultural Centres

Hungary’s External Relations Strategy

Hungarian Customs and Finance Guard

Government Portal

National and historical symbols of Hungary

Magyar Filmunió

Hungary Tourism - Tourist Offices

ITD Hungary - Hungarian Investment and Trade Development Agency - Trade Missions

Hungarian Post Co. Ltd.


MTA SZTAKI: English-Hungarian, Hungarian-English Online Dictionary

Balaton evening (2004) by Eva Dvorzsak

Hungary - Land of Medicinal Waters


In Hungary thermal waters lie far nearer the surface than they do elsewhere. In this respect, Hungary holds a position unique in Europe. A daily 350,000 m3 of thermal waters break to the surface from natural springs and drilled wells around the country. According to Hungarian law, thermal water is naturally occurring water hotter than 30°C.


Mineral water is naturally occurring water with a concentration per litre of more than 1,000 mg of dissolved minerals or which contains specified biologically active materials to a greater degree than a specified threshold. (For potable waters, in line with European Union requirements, this value has been reduced over the past few years to 500 mg/l.).


Medicinal water is mineral water which has been medically proven to have healing effects. In order to be certified as medicinal water - a matter handled by the Ministry of Health - tests lasting for several years and so-called double blind experiments must be conducted.


For thousands of years, man has used thermal waters for washing, cleansing, easing aches and pains and even for ritual purposes. And though the role that baths have played in healing and medicine has changed over time, there is ample evidence to show that they were sought after and frequented in Europe from Roman times to the present day. By the18th century, larger spas offering not only treatment but relaxation and diversion had come into fashion. It is no mere coincidence that every year many millions choose to spend their holidays in such establishments, as regular spa cures can play a crucial role, not only in the treatment of diseases, but in prevention, as well.


Hungary is the ideal place for anyone wishing to enjoy a spa vacation. In addition to spas, they’ll find countless cultural, sports and other facilities right across the country. Indeed, guests will find a really “warm” welcome in no less than 400 thermal establishments in more than 100 places.


Hungary's medicinal waters are primarily used for bathing, but there are also waters which have highly efficacious effects when taken as part of a drinking cure.


Agárd Spa

Annagora Aquapark Balatonfüred

Apartman Hotel ** Bükfürdő

Aqua Lux Wellness Hotel *** Cserkeszőlő

Aquasziget Esztergom

Aquaticum Debrecen

Aquaworld Budapest


Balatonfüred State Hospital for Cardiology

Barcsi Termálfürdő és Rekreációs Központ


Bogácsi Thermálfürdő Kft. Bogács

Borbála Fürdő Algyő

Budapest Spas and Hot Springs Inc.

Buzsák Csisztafürdő


Bükkszék - Salvus gyógyvíz

Casa Perla Conference & Wellness Hotel **** Siófok

Castle Bath Gyula

Castle Hotel Festetich Szeleste

Castle Hotel Sasvár ***** Parádsasvár

Cave- and Spa Miskolc-Tapolca

Cegléd Spa

Cívis Hotels

Club Thermal Castle Poroszló

Conference & Wellness Hotel Residence **** Siófok

Corinthia Hotels ***** Budapest

Corvus Hotel *** Bük

Csajda-Fürdő Kalocsa


Csipke Hotel *** Kiskunhalas

Csokonyavisonta Spa

Danubius Hotels


Dombóvár Gunarasfürdő

Dunaföldvár Spa

Duna Wellness Hotel *** Baja



Erzsébet Királyné Park Hotel *** Parádfürdő

Erzsébet Spa Mórahalom

Festetich Castle Hotel Szeleste

Flóra Spa Kapuvár

Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace ***** Budapest

Four Seasons Thermal Holiday Resort Csokonyavisonta

Gosztola Gyöngye Pension *** Gosztola

Gránit Spa Zalakaros

Gróf Apponyi Spa Castle Hotel **** Hőgyész

Gyopárosfürdő Orosháza

Hajdúnánás Spa


Hajnal Hotel *** Mezőkövesd

Harkány Spa

Hétkúti Wellness Hotel **** Mór


Holiday Beach Budapest Wellness & Conference Hotel **** Budapest

Hotel Arany Griff Pápa

Hotel Arborétum *** Sárvár

Hotel Azúr **** Siófok

Hotel Baranya *** Harkány

Hotel Bodrog *** Sárospatak

Hotel Caramell **** Bükfürdő

Hotel Club Tihany

Hotel Eger & Park *** Eger

Hotel Fagus **** Sopron

Hotel Forrás *** Komárom

Hotel Hasik **** Döbrönte

Hotel Kapitány **** Sümeg

Hotel Karos Spa **** Superior Zalakaros

Hotel Korona *** Eger

Hotel Magistern **** Siófok

Hotel Orchidea **** Lipót

Hotel Orchidea *** Felsőtengelic

Hotel Ovit *** Keszthely

Hotel Palota **** Hévíz

Hotel Panoráma **** Siófok

Hotel Piroska *** Bük

Hotel Tisza Szolnok

Hotel Vértes **** Siófok

Hotel Villa Medici Veszprém

Hunguest Hotels

Igal Spa

Janus Atrium Hotel **** Siófok



Jonathermal Kiskunmajsa

Kastélypark Fürdő - Sárrét Gyöngye gyógyvíz Füzesgyarmat


Kehida Termál Family Spa Kehidakustány

Kerekdomb Spa

Kék Duna Wellness Hotel **** Ráckeve

Kolping Hotel Spa & Family Resort **** Alsópáhok

Komárom Spa

Lenti Spa


Liget Spa Gyomaendrőd

Magita Hotel *** Erdőbénye

Makó Spa

Marcali Spa

Mátraderecske - Mofetta

Medical-Castle Hotel Balf

Mesteri Spa


Nyíregyháza - Sóstófürdő

Polus Palace Golf & Wellness Hotel ***** Göd

Puchner Castle Hotel **** Bikal

Püspökladány Spa

Rába-Quelle Medicinal, Thermal and Pleasure Bath Győr

Radisson SAS Birdland Resort & Spa ***** Bük

Rogner Hotel & Spa Lotus Therme **** Hévíz

Rózsa Fürdő Kft. Tótkomlós

Sá-Ra Termál Kft. Hegykő

Sikonda Wellness Hotel **** Komló-Sikonda

Silver Resort **** Balatonfüred

Spa and Wellness Centre Sárvár

Spa Szeleste


Szegedi Fürdők Kft.

Szent András Hospital Hévíz

Szent Gróth Thermalbath Zalaszentgrót

Szidónia Castle Hotel **** Röjtökmuzsaj

Szigetköz Wellness Hotel **** Dunakiliti

Szigetvár Spa

Szilva Termál- és Wellnessfürdő Vásárosnamény


Termál Hotel Pávai *** Berekfürdő

Thermal Baths and Day-Hospital Szentes

Thermalbath Tiszaújváros

Thermal Hotel Gara *** Füzesgyarmat

Thermal Hotel *** Harkány

Thermal Hotel Imperial *** Kiskőrös

Thermal Hotel Liget *** Érd

Thermal Hotel *** Mosonmagyaróvár

Thermal Hotel Szivek *** Berekfürdő

Thermal Park is the Mediterranean Spa & Wellness adventure baths Szentgotthárd


Tiszakécske Spa

Toldi Fogadó *** Tokaj

Tősfürdő Lakitelek

Új-Ebergényi Castle Hotel *** Vasszécseny



Várgesztes Villapark

Várkertfürdő Pápa

Villa Vitae Wellness Hotel **** Szentendre

Vulkán Spa Celldömölk

Zsóry Spa Mezőkövesd


Made in Hungary



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